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Denham Strong is a community-focused initiative charged with helping Denham Springs, LA become a more resilient community in the wake of the August 2016 flooding that 90% of the city’s homes and businesses.

In April 2017, Denham Springs began partnering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to implement the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF).

This initiative became Denham Strong. Throughout the Summer of 2017, community-wide meetings were held to gather input from citizens about what projects would be most beneficial as Denham moved from recovery efforts in the immediate aftermath of the floods towards and more sustainable, resilient community.

The community meetings identified a number of projects that we, as Denham residents, were clamoring for. The efforts of FEMA, the city, volunteers, and residents culminated in a Celebration of Hope to mark the one-year anniversary of the flood and to unveil the projects the community identified as most important.

The work continues, however. Denham Strong needs continued engagement from all of us in the community. Work has already begun on some projects. Others are more long-term projects that will have a profound impact on our city.

Whatever your talents, whatever your skill level, we are all in this together.

It is us, the citizens of Denham Springs, who are the only ones that can ensure the city is and remains #DenhamStrong.

About Denham Strong

The Planning Process

Building the Team
Defining the Issues
Community Input

Issues and Teams

Community Planning
The mission of the Denham Strong Community Planning Team is to effectively and efficiently carry out
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Economic Development
The Economic Team focuses on developing economic opportunities for the whole community that result i...
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Natural & Cultural Resources
The Natural and Cultural Resources Team addresses long-term environmental and cultural resources nee...
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The Denham Strong Housing Team coordinates and facilitates the delivery of Federal resources to impl...
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Health & Social Services
The Health and Social Services Team promotes the health and wellness of the whole community by resto...
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Infrastructure Planning
The Infrastructure Systems Team focuses on restoring and enhancing infrastructure systems and servic...
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Our Community

Master Plan

A Message From The Mayor

Stay Informed

Master Recovery Plan Adopted!
December 12, 2017
The Denham Strong Master Recovery Plan has been officially adopted by the City Council! Download and read by clicking the image below!
Denham Strong completing survey for Boys & Girls Club in The Livingston Parish News
October 3, 2017
Leadership Team 7/24/2017
July 25, 2017
Steering Committee Meeting 7/24/17 Wallis Watkins (From WKRF News) recorded the meeting for local radio Denham Strong will be at the Junior High Sat Aug12th from 9-12 for the final ...

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