Plan Implementation
Plan Implementation
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About Denham Strong

After the historic flooding of August 2016 Denham Springs was recommended by the state to FEMA as a candidate for assistance under the National Disaster Recovery Framework. The NDRF focuses on community lead, long term strategies to rebuild more resilient communities in the wake of disaster. Denham Springs accepted assistance under the NDRF in April of 2017 and began organizing a strategy for the long term Denham Springs Community Recovery Planning Process.

The process depends on six broad areas of focus and their corresponding teams:  Community Planning, Economic Development, Housing, Health and Social Service, Infrastructure and Natural & Cultural Resources. These teams are tasked with brainstorming ideas and projects for the community at large that can then be submitted for community input and will ultimately create a master plan for strategic, long term recovery. The goal of Denham Strong is to maintain the values and vision of the people of Denham Springs while tapping into strategies that will reinforce our community resiliency and long term vision.

About Denham Strong

The Planning Process

Building the Team
Defining the Issues
Community Input

Issues and Teams

Community Planning
The mission of the Denham Strong Community Planning Team is to effectively and efficiently carry out
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Economic Development
The Economic Team focuses on developing economic opportunities for the whole community that result i...
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Natural & Cultural Resources
The Natural and Cultural Resources Team addresses long-term environmental and cultural resources nee...
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The Denham Strong Housing Team coordinates and facilitates the delivery of Federal resources to impl...
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Health & Social Services
The Health and Social Services Team promotes the health and wellness of the whole community by resto...
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Infrastructure Planning
The Infrastructure Systems Team focuses on restoring and enhancing infrastructure systems and servic...
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Our Community

Master Plan

A Message From The Mayor

I am very excited and pleased that our city has been approved for participation in this program. I am extremely grateful for those citizens who have so willingly volunteered their time and talents to serve as committee members. We will also be seeking citizen input as to YOUR  vision of Denham Springs "post-flood". My goal in this process is to seek every resource available and consider every idea presented to not just rebuild,  but to come back even better than we were. Although we have encountered what at times seemed to be insurmountable obstacles,  the future is indeed bright  for our city!  The resiliency and perseverance  of our citizens continues to humble and amaze me. You have my personal commitment that, as we look toward the future, we will be ever mindful of the importance of preserving the rich history and traditions of our community that have always made  it such a special place to call home. May God bless you as we continue to recover TOGETHER. And  may God continue to bless our great city.
Mayor Gerard Landry
Mayor Gerard Landry

Stay Informed

Leadership Team 7/24/2017
July 25, 2017
Steering Committee Meeting 7/24/17 Wallis Watkins (From WKRF News) recorded the meeting for local radio Denham Strong will be at the Junior High Sat Aug12th from 9-12 for the final ...
Leadership Meeting Minutes from 7/17
July 21, 2017
Our leadership team met at Noon on 7/17/17 to discuss the results and responses from the second community meeting. Here are the notes from that meeting. Denham Strong Leadership Team Meet...
Results from Second Community Meeting
July 19, 2017
The second meeting for Denham Springs was held on July 13th at the Junior High School from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. The purpose was to narrow down the community’s input from the Community Visioning

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