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Housing Team Meeting 1 May 25, 2017

Covington and Associates

The following are notes taken during the Team meeting. They are unofficial ideas and comments that were brought up.  Individual comments do not reflect views of Denham Strong or The City of Denham Springs.  Comments are used to define issues and visioning. All comments are welcome.

In attendance: Fred Banks, Housing Authority; Kayla Johnson, Covington & Associates; JT Davidson, Smoothie King; John Cavalier, Cavalier House Books; Jason Perry, FEMA ;Kathleen Bernacchio, FEMA-VAL; Jeanette Clark, City of Denham Springs; Beth Otto and Jack Slota, FEMA- CPCB


Many people did not have flood insurance so they don’t have the resources to rebuild. How do we find some funds for people to be able to rebuild. Bring back homes to a good state. How do we get people back in their houses?

Concern about the FEMA IA process. It seems like different numbers coming out on different side of the street. People need to know how IA determinations are made. An applicant can request their file. You can appeal at any time as long as you have a reason why the appeal is so.

Many abandoned houses, what to do with them?

Need more housing in the city.

Shortage of rental property, Especially Low and Mid-range.

Land in city limits is very hard to develop.

Review city ordinances, increase density in key areas.

Questions for community meeting:

Ask sellers why aren’t you selling and buyers why aren’t you buying. See if any themes emerge

What do you want the community to look like?

Housing pre-flood what were we missing to attract families. What types of development were we missing?

How do we improve existing neighborhood and make them more connected?

Information for community meeting and website:

  • What is in the FEMA IA formula? How might it change?
  • What to do if you feel like you did not get the money that you should have from FEMA?
  • NFIP 101 and future flood insurance rates
  • How to avoid contractor fraud.

Restore LA representatives (survey)

Should we have lenders at the meeting? – After some thought on this, I (Beth) think that this could begin to distract from the purpose of the meeting, which is community visioning. Perhaps, instead, we have a list of vetted lenders, realtors, etc.


Is there a way of getting some grants to help people rebuild?

How can the city incentive redevelopment — what have other communities done with this issue? We are going to have a lot of vacant or abandoned lots in the city.

If people abandon properties how long will it take to revert to the city?

Is there a do-it-yourself kit? Streamline and formalize the process. Put pressure on the ones that we can reach.

The Louisiana Housing Commission got a grant to help land lords rebuild. Hopefully we will see some money from that.

20c H have information (??? What was this)

How do we ensure that there is nice looking affordable housing?

How do we enforce neglect in the historic district?

St. Bernard started a builder’s lot package – it was a grant that they got. They are willing to meet with the group on that.


First Baptist church would be a good place to do something for the antiques district. Maybe parking.


This is a good time to clean the city up. We will always have all incomes and there should be a place for everybody.

Years ago River Run – everyone is in uproar about it, overdid the storm water pipes. They never had a drainage problem. Until this flood they have not had any flooding.

Next meeting:

Friday June 9th 11:00 am City Hall


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