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Infrastructure Team Meeting 1

May 25, 2017

City Hall

The following are notes taken during the Team meeting. They are unofficial ideas and comments that were brought up.  Individual comments do not reflect views of Denham Strong or The City of Denham Springs.  Comments are used to define issues and visioning. All comments are welcome.


Shawn Hima, Chad Bacas, John Cavalier

Jeanette Clark,

Allen Martin, Jack Slota, Deane Bingham, Beth Otto, Jason Perry, Kevin Nelson


The following topics were discussed:


  • Need for Early Flood Warning (Invite USGS to future meeting)
  • Need to support regional efforts to address flooding.
  • St. Tammany Parish experience.
  • Need for Review and update storm water regulations


Regarding Future Community Meeting:


  • Do people agree with need for flood warning? Maybe ask question, how did you find out it was flooding?
  • Review other ordinances to include higher density development and pedestrian infrastructure (required with development) – Can EPA building blocks assist with this?


Images for meeting:


  • Inundation map illustrating where flooding occurred.
  • Show pictures of pedestrian walkways – data on economic development (David Dodd)
  • Show examples of green infrastructure.




  • Drainage – maintenance and system to track (GIS)
  • Parking garage in Antiques village
  • Promote/enhance local rec district


Next meeting:

Thursday June 1, 2017 3:30 City Hall

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