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The 5th Leadership team meeting was held at noon at Big Mike’s.  Big thanks to everyone for a successful community open house event.  The team discussed what worked well at the open house.  Responses included: The way the room was laid out, that it was an open house, post-it note answers, having someone at each table, size of the room, the Mayor’s introductory video, smoothies (thanks Smoothie King), outreach and marketing.

The team then discussed things that could be improved at the next community meeting.  The way to check-in, identifying key people, more signs in front of DSJH, adjust timing, parking, send presentation items out early, greeters to walk through with community, orientation for workers, heat, more awareness of available accessibility services and anything was misunderstood in the stations need to be addressed.

The next step is to develop a vision statement for each Focus Area Team.  The data received at the meeting is in the process of being sorted.  This will be used to establish the vales of the community and generate goals that will guide the project development.  Each Focus Area Team set a recurring schedule to meet weekly.  For the next Focus Area meetings please bring a mission/ vision statement for your area.  Also, each Focus Area needs a facilitator.  They will be established at the next team meeting.  There will be a meeting facilitation training available to everyone soon.

Getting the word out was discussed.  Please talk to everyone you know and make them aware of what is going on.  Also, please stress involvement in all the community meetings not just one.  They are all held for a different purpose.  The next community meeting (July 13th) the citizens will be developing solutions to the issues that were brought up.  Please share and like all the posts you see on Facebook, that way more people will see them.  There will be more yard signs made (thanks Five Star Printing ) and distributed throughout the city.  Any other suggestions, comments or ideas are welcome.


Jeanette Clark


Focus Area Team Meeting Schedule


  • 12:00 PM Leadership Team @ Big Mike’s
  • 1:30 PM Natural & Cultural Resources @ Big Mike’s


  • 10:00 AM Housing @ City Hall
  • 12:00 PM Health & Social Services@ City Hall


  • 2:00 PM Economic @ Home Depot


  • 3:00 PM Infrastructure / Community Planning @ City Hall

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