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Steering Committee Meeting


Wallis Watkins (From WKRF News) recorded the meeting for local radio

Denham Strong will be at the Junior High Sat Aug12th from 9-12 for the final meeting.

  • Still managing the logistics
  • Open-house style format
  • Signing up community members for specific projects in this week’s sub-groups
  • Possible Aug 2,4,7 Daryl will workshop “facilitator training”

Projects have been identified by the community, but need more detail. Sub-Groups members will complete the Project Development Guide for each project.

  • This is not a final report, but will be helpful in providing grants and other funding, describing the project, and why it’s important to the community.
  • The background, benefits of the program, and importance to recovery. Not always directly flood-related.
  • We’re asking the committee members to fill these out for their projects. There is an online version that will be sent out to everybody.  It’s roughly 7 pages completed. The hardest parts will probably be cost and budget estimates.  Do what you can and we will work together to fill in the rest.
  • We are narrowing down the projects, if we don’t have enough people signing up, we’re going to focus on the project people will help implement, and put the rest into a queue until we can start them.
    • All projects have a shot of being funded, some are priorities. The trolley project wasn’t very popular at the community meeting – but once the businesses are revitalized, the trolley would become more popular.

Michael Hunnicutt (FEMA Mitigation from Saint Bernard Parish) “Peer to Peer Experience”


Has been part of multiple storms, he is a survivor. Graduated from LSU, Planning Degree from University of New Orleans. He worked up until 2006 before he came to FEMA.  He was asked to help with the Louisiana Recovery. His expertise in the planning field is extensive.  He’ll be here to support all the communities, not only Denham Springs, but all across the state, anyone who needs assistance.  He’s glad to be back to help steer things in the right direction.

High Points for Community Recovery

It was tough to get people to participate.  It started out with politicians, but eventually residents and businesses, anyone who they could get, would form committees and groups.  It’s been 12 years now, Success is seeing good neighbors come back, going out to your favorite restaurant that closed down but re-opened.  You can slowly see the results of everyone’s effort as a result of your plans and goals.


Community Meeting #3 Aug 12th Saturday 9-12

We’ll have the project boards in the cafeteria, and everything else in the gym area.  We will have contractors and the like in the gym.  FEMA is having a couple local hire opportunities for Denham and Baker Tangipahoa, www.laworks.net  search FEMA and Community Planner/Coordinator

  • Denham Strong is looking for available resources for each project
  • We’re looking for a partnership with LSU and the National Endowment of the Arts, we will be reaching out to Federal to support the local recovery process. LSU has many resources and expertise, engineering, art, planning, students, and professors. If the grant gets secured, they are excited about the opportunities here.  Part of the process includes uncovering the historical roots of the community

Boys and Girls Club meeting at 1 tomorrow

  • Discussing the feasibility of bringing and Boys and Girls Club to Denham Springs, and seeing if they could combine it with other projects.

“Strong Celebration” August 18-20th

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