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Sample Community Center

The community identified the need for a storm shelter and evacuation center, and space for community events and activities. Most participants at the second community meeting also indicated willingness to pay a tax or fee to support operational costs.

The facility will include a storm shelter and evacuation center, and space for community events, meetings, classes, performing arts, and other community-oriented activities. The community center would be built above the 500-year flood level, and capable of withstanding storm impacts.

Community members will have access to a safe, accessible facility in which to take shelter during a disaster. The community will also have access to a venue for community events, meetings, and other activities. This project impacts all community members and addresses their recovery vision statement.

The Community Center could include:

  • Storm evacuation center
  • Emergency operations center
  • Satellite office space for health and social services
  • Venue for community events
  • Classrooms/meeting rooms
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Theater/arts/music
  • Boys & Girls Club

This project also supports or enhances:

  • Ability to recover from future disaster events
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Social and economic resiliency
  • Community development

Next steps:

  1. Organize a steering committee
  2. Conduct a readiness assessment to determine the need and ability to support ongoing operations
  3. Secure a location
  4. Raise funds

Possible Funding Sources, Technical Assistance, and Partners:

  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs
  • Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery
  • Praxair Foundation
  • Louisiana State University – AgCenter

Estimated Cost: High ($1 million+)

Estimated Timeline: Long term (3+ years)

During the second community meeting, participants ranked this project at 7.83 out of 10 with respect to level of importance.

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