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The National Disaster Recovery Framework focuses on coordinated recovery. The recovery mission area covers the core capabilities necessary to help communities recover from a disaster.  The NDRF’s team approach utilizes 6 broad working areas to build teams and ideas around.

Community Planning Team

The Community Planning and Capacity Building Team integrates the resources and tools used to plan, manage and implement local disaster recovery in order to create a stronger and more resilient community.

Economic Team

The Economic Team focuses on developing economic opportunities for the whole community that result is a thriving economy that can withstand disruptions and/or recover rapidly.

Housing Team

The Housing Team implements sustainable and resilient housing solutions and addresses pre- and post-disaster housing issues to provide healthy, affordable and accessible permanent housing.

Health and Social Services Team

The Health and Social Services Team promotes the health and wellness of the whole community by restoring health and social services with the goal of creating a stronger more resilient system.

Infrastructure Systems Team

The Infrastructure Systems Team focuses on restoring and enhancing infrastructure systems and services while incorporating risk reduction measure to improve resiliency to meet current community needs and plans for future growth.

Natural and Cultural Resources Team

The Natural and Cultural Resources Team addresses long-term environmental and cultural resources needs and impacts to create a healthy, adaptable environment and protect the cultural resources that make the community unique.

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