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The Economic Team focuses on developing economic opportunities for the whole community that result is a thriving economy that can withstand disruptions and/or recover rapidly.

Economic Recovery is the ability to return economic and business activities (including agricultural) to a state of health and develop new economic opportunities that result in a sustainable and economically viable community. The Economic Recovery RSF integrates the expertise of the Federal Government to help local, regional/metropolitan, state, tribal, territorial, and insular area governments and the private sector sustain and/or rebuild businesses and employment and develop economic opportunities that result in sustainable and economically resilient communities after an incident.

Coordinating Partner Agency: Department of Commerce

Primary Partner Agencies: Small Business Administration; Department of Agriculture; Department of Homeland Security; Department of Labor; Department of the Treasury

Supporting Organizations: Corporation for National and Community Service; Delta Regional Authority; Department of Health and Human Services; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Department of the Interior; Environmental Protection Agency; General Services Administration; Department of State

  • Objectives:
  • Serve as a vehicle for enhancing Federal interagency coordination, information sharing, communication, and collaboration in both the pre- and post-disaster timeframes
  • Support the capacity of local, state, tribal, and territorial governments, nonprofits, and the private sector to produce a multi-dimensional strategy capable of supporting economic recovery and enhancing community resilience

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