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Farmer’s Market

The community identified a need to expand the farmers market and co-locate it with the Antique Village to make it more accessible.

The Denham Springs Farmers Market has been in operation for many years. An opportunity exists to build upon what is already there by attracting additional produce vendors, expanding to include arts, and moving the market to Mattie Street for a dual benefit of the market vendors and shop owners.  Possibly, it will expand to one weekday afternoon.  The goal is to supporting local farmers and fresh produce needs.

It is tied with the Antique Village to encourage more shopping in both sectors.

The desired outcome is to increase support of local businesses, farmers, and crafters/artisans in the community, and increase options for purchasing fresh produce, which support social and economic recovery/resiliency.  This will also support the Main Street District businesses by increasing the activity in the District on Saturdays.

Possible Funding Sources, Technical Assistance, and Partners:

  • US Dept. of Agriculture
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • LA Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry
  • LSU AgCenter
  • Local Harvest
  • Farmers’ Market SNAP Support Grants
  • Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)

Estimated Timeline: Short Term (<1 year)

Estimated Cost: Low (<$100k)

During the second community meeting, participants ranked this project 8.71 out of 10 with respect to level of importance.

5/7/2018 Applied for USDA FMPP Grant that if funded will hire a part-time Market Manager and promote the market.

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