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The Health and Social Services Team promotes the health and wellness of the whole community by restoring health and social services with the goal of creating a stronger more resilient system.

Healthcare is an economic driver in many communities, which if damaged make this sector critical to most communities’ disaster recovery. Social Services have a major impact on the ability of a community to recover. The support of social services programs for at-risk and vulnerable children, individuals, and families affected by a disaster can promote a more effective and rapid recovery. The Health and Social Services RSF outlines the Federal framework to support locally led recovery efforts to address public health, health care facilities and coalitions, and essential social services needs. Displaced individuals in need of housing will also need health and social services support.

Coordinating Partner Agency: Department of Health and Human Services

Primary Partner Agencies: Corporation for National and Community Service; Department of Agriculture; Department of Commerce; Department of Homeland Security/National Protection and Programs Directorate; Department of Homeland Security/Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Department of the Interior; Department of Justice; Department of Labor; Environmental Protection Agency; Federal Emergency Management Agency

Supporting Partner Organizations: American Red Cross; Department of Education; Department of Transportation; Department of the Treasury; Department of Veterans Affairs; National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster; Small Business Administration

  • Objectives:
  • Complete assessment of community health and social service needs, prioritize those needs, including accessibility requirements, based on the whole community’s participation in the recovery planning process, and develop a comprehensive recovery timeline.
  • Restore health care public health, and social services functions.
  • Restore and improve the resilience and sustainability of the health care system and social service capabilities and networks to promote th


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