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Sample of another trolley that may be used in the project.
An example of what the Local Trolley Loop may look like.

The community identified the need for a shuttle to go between key tourist destinations to support the tourism industry.  This addresses part of the communities created vision to a well-connected city.

Initially, the trolley will likely run between Bass Pro and the Antique Village and may include other key destinations for visitors and residents. This could be a possible commuting option.  This project could start as a short term lease during peak shopping seasons to gauge interest. It will be pursued after Main Street revitalization has begun, and may require additional community outreach to determine interest.

The desired outcome is to increase support of local businesses in the community, creating a connected city easily accessible by community members and tourists.

This project also supports:

  • Social and economic resiliency
  • Connected Community

Possible Funding Sources, Technical Assistance, and Partners:

  • Local Businesses (advertisements)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) / Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • Reconnecting America

Estimated Timeline: Short Term (dependent on improving the shopping areas around Denham Springs)

Estimated Cost: Moderate ($100k+)

During the second community meeting, participants ranked this project a 4.46 out of 10 with respect to level of importance.

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