Protecting & Maintaining City Infrastructure

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Protecting and Maintaining City Infrastructure
Protecting and Maintaining City Infrastructure

The City of Denham Springs owns roads, bridges and other infrastructure that need to be maintained and preserved.  Managing these important assets needs to be planned for in an organized fashion, not relying on problems/issues and phone calls to identify where work should be done.  Having the information and data to know the existing conditions planning in a proactive way to keep them all in good condition is very important to the sustainability of Denham Springs.

We need to enact an organized and efficient process to upgrade city roads, bridges, ditches, water lines and other infrastructure before problems occur by maintaining a resilient infrastructure system.

  • Inventory, catalog and map all roads, bridges, canals, ditches, culverts, water lines, sewer system and other City infrastructure
  • Adopt and implement a regular inspection and maintenance plan
  • Establish a data driven capital improvement fund that prioritizes and funds projects annually
  • Establish a unified system for documenting all maintenance work

Estimated Cost: High ($1 million+)

Estimated Timeline: Ongoing

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